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Do more to support the AFKC: become a Friend or Patron and receive special discount codes for use at events!  Patrons also receive free admission into cultural non-dinner programs!

Select from 5 levels of memberships*:

* Yearly memberships, with no automatic recurring payment

Individual - $40.00 (USD)

Membership for 1 person

Family - $55.00 (USD)

Membership for 2 to 4 people in a household.

Student - $20.00 (USD) 

Membership for 1 student 25 years old or younger.

Proof of age required for approval of membership.

Membership will be activated within 24 hours of

emailing proof of age to coordinator@afkc.org.

Friend - $100.00 (USD)

Membership for 1 to 4 people in a household.

Patron - $175.00 (USD)

Membership for 1 to 4 people in a household

Business Partner- level 1 - $175.00 (USD)

Individual memberships for up to 4 employees
* Logo placement on our website (twice)
* Logo every month on the Newsletter
* A short introduction in the Newsletter
Option: free to offer a discount to our members

Business Partner- level 2 - $300.00 (USD) 

Bundle (up to 4 members)

Includes Level 1 Plus:
*Publi-information (300 words in a special Email)
*Up to 3 publications in the Newsletter
*1 Instagram & Facebook Post


If you live more than 35 miles from Kansas City, MO city limits, use discount code OUTOFTOWN to receive a $10 discount at checkout (excludes student memberships).  

Addresses will be verified.


 The AFKC only uses photographs or videos taken at our events for purposes of furthering its mission.  If you do NOT want pictures of you at our events on our website, in printed materials or posted on social media, contact us.

Receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting an organization that has been keeping the French language and francophone culture vibrant in Kansas City since 1963.

We want everyone who shares our passion for speaking, learning and playing in French to be able to join. This is why we work hard to keep our membership fees low, and have special pricing for students, families and people living outside of the Kansas City area.

If you have any questions about AFKC membership, please contact us.

Mail us here

Alliance Fran├žaise de Kansas City 

PO Box 8824

Kansas City MO 64114-8824

Office Location

8014 State Line Road Suite 210 

Prairie Village, KS  66208

Tel: (816) 666-8674

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