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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are classes held?

Classes are currently held at AFKC Office, 8014 State Line Road, Suite 210, Prairie Village, KS 66208.

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When are classes held?

For the fall, winter, and spring sessions classes are held once a week from 6-8pm, Monday – Thursday.  Summer session classes are twice a week, from 6-8pm.

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How long does a session last?

Fall, winter, and spring sessions last 12 weeks and meet once a week for 2 hours. For the Summer Session, we will typically hold a condensed 6-week session, two two-hour classes a week.  For the latest updates, become a member or join our email list!

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How much does a session cost?

The early bird 7% discount deadline is around 2 weeks before the start of each session. First time members and class registrants receive the early bird discount when they pay for membership and class at the same time.

Early Bird Member Price - $270.00

Member Price - $290.00 

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How do I become a member of the AFKC?

Membership is now required for class registration.  Start your registration and then pay online or pay by check by selecting the "invoice me" option.  Once you have become a member and are logged into your account, you may register for classes, but you may also pay for your membership and class at the same time on the class registration pages.  Once you have paid for class and membership, please go through the steps to become a member and select the "invoice me" option and the coordinator will adjust the balance due. 

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What textbook should I use and how do I get one?

The AFKC uses Latitudes 1 (for 101-103), Latitudes 2 (for 201-203). Please see class details for ISBN, students must purchase their books on their own, which are available on Amazon.com.

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What if I am in the wrong class level?

If you feel you have been placed in or have selected the incorrect class level please talk to your teacher and contact Shieva Ghassemi at coordinator@afkc.org. The AFKC’s School Coordinator will work with you to get you into the class that is best for you.

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What is your refund policy?

Contact coordinator@afkc.org if you would like to receive a reimbursement for class.  Full refunds are available until before the second class of the session. After the first class, reimbursements will be pro-rated based on the number of classes attended.

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*As a non-profit organization focused on providing the community with affordable opportunities to learn French, we strive to keep prices low for our students.  Please be conscientious of our class minimum and the ability of AFKC to cover class costs (primarily teacher pay) if enrollment drops below 4 students.  If you are not sure whether you can commit to the full session, please contact the coordinator for possible options to take a partial class.

Whom do I contact if I have other questions about AFKC classes?

Shieva Ghassemi is the Language Center Coordinator and can be reached at coordinator@afkc.org.

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Mail us here

Alliance Française de Kansas City 

PO Box 8824

Kansas City MO 64114-8824

Office Location

8014 State Line Road Suite 210 

Prairie Village, KS  66208

Tel: (816) 666-8674

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